25 Responses to “It’s Halloween~ Time for Dress up!”

  1. Astray71

    Wow… you sing really really well! And I have no idea what Disney character are you… are you Bell from Beauty and the Beast? Even though she doesn’t have red hair… thats my guess :P

  2. pizzag123

    She is pretty cute,

    Maybe nigahiga just favourited it because you are beatfull.

    “Wath, Im just saying” you are hot girl

  3. Kustar10

    im gonna be a bada** with guns on my back and stuff halloweens gonna be fun this year *cocks back gun* haha >:D

  4. 0WhiteCharisma0

    Perfect = Arden Cho

    Who can sing, flip like a ninja, act, is funny, and to top that all off, beautiful???

  5. daewooparts

    @jbtled you are a maggot ! go back to eating your dogshit then eat a dead rat ,turn into a fly and get zapped in a zapper

  6. TheRodolfo1999

    I’m dressing up as the most handsome man on earth ME =D thumbs up if you are too :P
    dont look at my profile those videos are old O.O

  7. rdpjr89

    @jbtled can you try a bit harder with your hate spam. Really bad grammar!

  8. rdpjr89

    Arden you should sing more you are really good…oh this is RobthePhilosopher from blog

  9. pk511

    i wonder if the ariel costume comes with seashell for covering the nippur…

  10. daewooparts

    @bosspk3r who needs ryan higa, when you got arden cho right here,she is smart .pretty and very talented :)

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