Lady Gaga made waves wearing raw steak to the MTV Video Music Awards last month. Her dress, shoes and purse were all made with meat, as she served up her usual dose of shock appeal. Her fans are scouring Halloween stores for bloody red dresses but the carnivorous look debuted too late for manufacturers to create a costume. Some diehards are planning to wear real meat but New Jersey butchers caution against it. (Video by Lisa Rose / The Star-Ledger)

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    25 Responses to “Jersey butchers warn against wearing a Lady Gaga meat dress for Halloween”

    1. GlossyShoes

      Gaga should make a video herself telling people the dangers of wearing a meat dress. She has alot of young kids as fans who will be wearing this, at least she can give a warning..

    2. kakashino8

      People should have enough brains not to make the meat dress for Halloween. It was for a show and it obviously meant something to her, not for dumb ass people to copy and run around with blood and smelly meat dripping off of them.

      Get some sense people. This type of video would never been made if people had some sense.

    3. TheWitchCharu

      Now you see thats just disgusting! Ugh!!! I don’t even want to touch raw meat let alone wear it!!!

    4. bewaretheconficker

      You’d have to be pretty retarded to wear freaking meat on Halloween.

    5. Beatiful750

      um people need a brain all of that meat goes to waste like really

    6. ProgramMagician

      0:57 He’s just saying that because he’s a Katy Perry fan! LMAO

    7. CTylerA434

      hum it’s messed up … lot of homeless people out there wishing they had that meat to eat…and well this freak of nature is wearing it… just saying.

    8. cheezemonkeyeater

      I think a guy who sells bologna for a living is the perfect person to ask about Lady Gaga. How much more bologna can you get than her?

    9. kibainuzukafan01

      1: thats disgusting!
      2: waste of food..
      3: dude, they kill animals for meat, and she just wears it?

    10. xRaineDropsx

      Gaga haters! J/k but anyone who does this kudos to you >w>

    11. lofziscool

      I don’t really see why this is a big deal…exotic stuff has been done before by celebs that young fans imitate all the time

    12. JoeJoeyJose

      @ProgramMagician What was the name of the song playing in the back?

    13. HippieChic1970

      The whole idea of meat against my skin,makes MY SKIN crawl!!

    14. paperkrain

      Its great to be who you are and to express yourself.. BUT there is a line and a difference between ‘being unique and express yourself’ and ‘stupid / mentally ill .. or just plain show off with a splice of attention seeker’.

      yep.. that’s why she’s a celeb right? well, she should be a role model, not promoting bad hygiene. I lol’d at the people trying to recreate her steak dress… you have issues.

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