Kids Ninja In Red Costume

Kids Ninja In Red Costume

Product features:

  • Ninja costume has three sizes – L, M and small.
  • Can were both – boys and girls, mostly at age 7-10.
  • Costume measures 14 x 4 x 38 inches.
  • Ninja costume weight is 13.1 ounces.
  • Costume includes everything that’s in picture, besides sword.
  • Availible only one color.

Kids Ninja In Red Costume –

Product description

Red ninja costume with black accessories and golden skull and some Japanese symbols applique in front. Costume is for kids Heloween party, school plays, friends birthday or everyday playing. Your kid can wear this costume more than just one time. Ninja costumes are mostly wanted by boys, but girls can also wear them. Boys probably would like to wear this costume every day to be lika a real ninja. But it could be a little tricky to get into this costume on his own, that’s why parents should definately help their kinds to get into this. Hardest parts to put on are face scarf and all those black fabrics who goes on legs and arms. Mostly ninja costumes are black, but this one is red so it’s something different than we are used to. And there are such a thing as red ninjas. Also the red outfit would look more playful than the black one. With this costume your kid can use some ninja accessories, like toy katana or nunchaku.

Those would make costume look more realistic and to play a better game with his friends. If some of the black fabric pieces gets lost, you can easily replace them. It’s the same with the face mask. There’s a big possibility that something will be lost – mostly while your boy is playing with friends. While playing like boys play, the hood might come off but it’s very easy to saw it back where it was. Costume material is strong for different events but it might not be so strong when it comes to boys playing. Materials strenght is the best it can be at this price.

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Pros and Cons on Kids Ninja In Red Costume


  • Realistic ninja costume.
  • Can easily replace small costume details.
  • Both – boys and girls can wear this costume.
  • Costume can be improved by toy ninja weapons.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Golden applique on chest.


  • Hard to put on the right way on his own.
  • Little costume details can be lost.
  • Availible only one color.
  • Face scarf could be tricky to wear as it’s supposed to.
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