Searching for that perfect Lady Gaga Halloween costume? Get tips from the pop star fashion icon herself in this excerpt from Lady Gaga’s interview with the SIRIUS Hits 1 Morning Mash Up. Hear the Mash Up every morning on SIRIUS XM Hits 1, SIRIUS Ch. 1 and XM Ch. 2 (online-only). Get a free trial at

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24 Responses to “Lady Gaga Tells You How to Dress Like Her for Halloween on SIRIUS XM”

  1. watrpolo1

    Lol! Ya I found it! I got it at Sallys beauty supply& bet they have it at other beauty places 2& It literally says purple shampoo on it. I thought I was gonna have 2 hunt 4 it lol. Its like $10 & worth it! Does exactly what she says it does.

  2. marcsoyeah

    @Kellough yeah i agree, that is her actual hair..

    you can even see her scalp and

  3. berryberrymuch

    @watrpolo1 that’s cool :D

    I must try it LOOOOOOOOOOL,but hey does it change hair’s color?!

    I’m a teacher and it won’t be appropriate to come to school with purplish hair LOOOOL XD

  4. dede12186

    yes it’s her real hair, but not her real hair color.. it was originally brown, but she died it blonde because people started to confuse her with amy winehouse

  5. watrpolo1

    Hahaha that wud b so funny lol. The 1st time I did it, I got a very light purple streak but it was more like a gray color I guess. No1 noticed till I wud point it out. It wasnt like neon or anything lol. The next time I washed my hair it was gone.

  6. Rihanna260196

    No it just prevents blonde hair from turning into that yellowy colour

  7. AmarieGriffith

    yeah its called Shimmering Lights.. It prevents Bleached hair from turning orange/yellow.. Use it like 1-2 times a weeks

  8. MrKoolDude67

    wigs in nowadays have fake skin scalps and roots because he hair is blonde one minute then purple then the next day its short then its long they are all fake

  9. Monsterbitch36

    @FashionSmeg you are her friend :D We all are.

  10. NinjaNyctophobia

    Oh my god, her roots looked like mine. Speaking of roots, guess who needs a touch-up?! MEEEEE! xD

  11. zezimaisnotlyfe

    i was her for halloween i made her white diamond dress the thierry muggler 1

  12. 315LittleMonster

    Wow, she’s amazing :) i am so dressing up as her for Halloween!

  13. caroline4231

    @PJgaga anywhere! i know herbal essences has a great one, its in a purple bottle, so its easy to spot :P

  14. StICKyfINgERs96

    @PJgaga, there’s something called shimmerlights, it comes in a purple bottle and u can getit at sallys. Well, that’s what I use and it works really great. Some of my hairs close to white like she said.

  15. xWith0utY0u

    What she means with Purple shampoo is silvershampoo ;p

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