Legally Blonde Musical – Costume Designer Gregg Barnes

Legally Blonde’s Tony-winning costume designer Gregg Barnes gives us a sneak peek of some of his costume creations and invites us to watch a fitting with leading lady Laura Bell Bundy.

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    1. Gregg Barnes is a genius.

      Post by EdithEvansHandbag August 24, 2007
    2. cool costumes

      Post by Kiwisarecool15 October 26, 2007
    3. totally.

      Post by redribbonsERIN November 18, 2007
    4. LB has the best clothes ever! I want all of Elle’s clothes

      Post by FelineMimiDavis76 November 25, 2007
    5. awesome<3

      Post by noidea663 November 28, 2007
    6. These costumes rock! My 2 favorite things are Elle’s pink dress ahe wears to the trial, and those pink knee-high lace up boots. I would give anything to meet her, and for me to try on those boots. LOL!

      Post by ajr0219 March 11, 2008
    7. I LOVE GREGG BARNES!!!! He is such an AMAZING and FUN person to work with. Hopefully one day I’ll get to wear his costumes again. :~)

      Post by wbboy29 March 29, 2008
    8. Too bad the whole interview isn’t here… :-/

      Post by Corbyjane July 24, 2008
    9. Im actually going to be in TO BE OR NOT TO BE and he is the costume designer he seems like a really nice guy so im really excited!!

      Post by FunnyGuy9623 July 26, 2008
    10. (\__/)
      (=’.’=) paste mr.bunny on every video u see and watch him take´╗┐ over youtube!

      Post by STB2518 February 7, 2009
    11. Does anyone know where I can get the sketches? I would really love them!

      Post by LullabyofBroadway7 June 6, 2010

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