19 Responses to “Make Playboy Bunny Costume at HOME!”

  1. Jmoon715

    I agree with BeautyByKamila..you should be a Playboy bunny..lol…Loved this video..

  2. FenixBeauty

    Man! I love their style, cute girls and flawless make-up. Thank you JMOON!

  3. Jmoon715

    Let see if it will let me comment now lmao..Thank you so much for the shoutout girl..You are truly amazing and beautiful…

  4. Nenemy47G6

    uhmm, yeah you look drop dead sexy! HOT as hell Marie

  5. BeautybyKamila

    u r so creative girl!! i love when ppl think outside the box and make something fab!! u r sooo sweet!!! thanks for deicatding it to us!! thats so sweet! u r such an angel!! we should do a makeup look together!!

  6. FenixBeauty

    @Paligurl123 I believe it’s the Chilli Peppers. I’ll get back to you on the title..I wanna say the otherside..but can be wrong.

  7. Paligurl123

    @FenixBeauty thanks so much if u do can u tell me the song i’ll try to find it hehe=)

  8. TheCatwoman337

    great video and great tip on how to be a playboy bunny for halloween im going to be a playboy bunny this year for halloween

  9. xxilovetobiasxx

    why dont you just pay the money to buy a playboy costume? :) the bow could fall off and the napkin is thin and cheapy enough to rip with one simple movement

  10. xxilovetobiasxx

    its good for people who dont have money though :) thanks for the tips

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