Learn how to put in fangs for sexy vampire Halloween costumes in this free adult Halloween costume video. Expert: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor Bio: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor are a Los Angeles based model and makeup artist team with experience in modeling & photo retouching. Susie’s Youtube makeup videos have received over 150000 views. Filmmaker: Geoffrey de Valois

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24 Responses to “Makeup Tips for Vampire Halloween Costumes : Fangs for Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup”

  1. Cms172

    u dont have to use all the paste first time it sticks fine with the half only

  2. moejoechan

    so sad……i would have to buy them over the internet…it would cost me over 30€… =(

  3. azolox

    I duno how to say this so i’m gone make it as clear as posible plz trancelate :P

    you can also steal that stuff that your granpa puts on his fals teath to make it stick to his mouth

  4. scisoria

    Well I tried all that and it still won’t work! Even denture paste doesn’t

  5. GerbilCrazy123

    where can u get cheap fangs like them in pounds not dollars?? xx

  6. angelbuddyprincess

    i dont have them i have the place in teeth all together

  7. ArtemisWindsinger

    …just use vampfangs…they’re very well priced. I live in the UK and order them in from the states through their site and it’s always stupidly cheap :)

  8. ArtemisWindsinger

    @ArtemisWindsinger….Ok for example their subtle fangs including the shipping in the current conversion rate from dollars to pounds comes out as £15…they’re in the sale. But even their brand new retractable fangs aren’t much more than a few quid extra :)

  9. Makeupsweetheart1

    can you please make videos more often i love your vids but i have already seen all of them!

    seems that more and more girl dont have the money for makeup since its so pricey :(
    Good news is MAC is giving away a bunch of freebies this week…tons of makeup for free
    Hope be of help to some of ui’ll save you some time, heres the contest pagegiveaway site.

    k and tha code for page 2 is facebook63

  10. DreamChula13

    i tried these last halloween.. I couldn’t get them to stay and the putty dried up super quick =/

  11. deliciousgurlbabe

    Hi, can u tell me where u got the pack and how much it was ? Thanks xo

  12. deliciousgurlbabe

    @ArtemisWindsinger I live in Liverpool in the UK, can u tell me what site u order them from and if they work ? Thank u, i much appreciate it. xo

  13. Darkash666

    Hmmm…. nice…. B)
    Is beatiful
    directly with bite…..
    Ridiculuss….. ]B)

  14. polytypyitqfp

    sensational looking instructions, cheers!, any of you used Rimmel’s most recent line of products?! it’s hard to get makeup in Booneville but you can recieve some great cosmetic samples by using “GratisMakeupSamples”, theyre cool.

  15. lovebirds360

    OMG I HAVE THE ESACT SAME PIAR OF FANGS put i lost the putty so i cant use them :(

  16. smoresrocks678

    they should get some scarecrow fangs… those are good though

  17. bondanoz

    you can leave the putty for a nice green effect?? .. WTH??

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