Makeup Tips for Vampire Halloween Costumes : White Foundation for Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup

Learn how to apply foundation makeup for sexy vampire Halloween costumes in this free adult Halloween costume video. Expert: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor Bio: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor are a Los Angeles based model and makeup artist team with experience in modeling & photo retouching. Susie’s Youtube makeup videos have received over 150000 views. Filmmaker: Geoffrey de Valois

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    1. Nice Video lolz, my names Sophia, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
      ___ ___ my username there is Sophia-gbecvrcvdbsp chat soon ;)

      Post by suskalokohan May 24, 2008
    2. please number these videos!

      Post by MessyVampkin September 26, 2008
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    4. wow

      Post by 0671134156 October 19, 2009
    5. @VIDenizaIV50
      im terrible with makeup… haha keep doing a good job :D

      i agree most of gurls cant pay for your their makeup lately buz it just cost sooo much :(
      One option is to check out the contest MAC is running this month…tons of makeup for free
      Maybe be of help to some of ui’ll save you some searching, heres the contest pagegiveaway site.

      oh and tha code for the last part is mac25

      Post by CostumeMACartist April 8, 2010
    6. so what brand foundation are you using?

      Post by fairyale July 23, 2010
    7. why is this AFTER halloween?

      Post by MsWhysoseriouz October 16, 2010
    8. that chick looks like she really doesnt want to be there

      Post by greswittina October 31, 2010

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