15 Responses to “Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween lyrics”

  1. summerrose123

    I don’t normally listen to Marylin Manson but his version of the song is just so damn good I just love it it is pure awesomeness indeed

  2. godest1000

    @Mmanson1969MFG m.m is sexy? fuck he locks like some crazy, bitchy chanky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. imakeyougoWTF

    @TheHappyLittleKitten Oooo! Can I be your Vice Dictator?

  4. Mmanson1969MFG

    It is my opinion
    Do not meddle
    if you do not see him as an actor would you were not on his side

  5. imakeyougoWTF

    @TheHappyLittleKitten LOL yay! You just made my day. I say the first thing we need to change is to put Invader Zim back on the air.

  6. Gasmiina

    Always, when I start to listen this, and I sing a long, I start to grin and I feel myself little evil. It’s kinda fascinating, that these kind of songs make me want to just do some tricks to my friends. >3 X>

  7. superwolflover99

    i sang this all during school today But a word of advise dont try to do the voices just dont…O.o

  8. TheHappyLittleKitten

    @imakeyougoWTF I love you now. Invader Zim is my Cocaine.

  9. imakeyougoWTF

    @TheHappyLittleKitten Yay more Zim fantards! My bro and I are doing a HUGE tribute picture for the show’s return. We’re putting in 38 characters from the first season and a half, and we’re calling it “Operation Screaming Temporal Doom.” I get to do the Irken of the evening, Zim! LOL my brother’s so nice.

  10. sweetiepatty7

    i am the who when u call whos there
    i am the wind blowing thoo your hair

    that what my family says anyway lol

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