Tim Burton’s ‘The Nighmare Before Christmas’ re-cut with Marilyn Manson’s version of ‘This Is Halloween’ for the re-release of the film in Disney Digital 3-D and 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack.

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25 Responses to “MARILYN MANSON :: This Is Halloween”

  1. tekkenarmorkingking

    the 2 best things in my life combined TNBC + Metal = HOLY SHIT

  2. JasperDx17

    Boys and Girls of Every Age, would you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see, Marilyn Manson. D:

  3. azrial4421

    @RyanCantDrum Tim Burton is the writer of the movie, Danny Elfman is the original artist of the song. And if you werent an idiot you wouldnt have wrote what your fallen cunt wrote here today

  4. viking977

    i always like marilyn’s covers better than his actual songs

  5. JasperDx17

    @azrial4421 I Know it’s Danny, You freaking idiot. But Marilyn Manson sang THIS version.
    You’d have to be pretty stupid not to know I meant that.

  6. struckinrs

    manson is the priest in satan’s church, thats who he claims to be,

  7. lolgurlyyy

    for some reason THIS song is coming on the radio in 7am and i wake up saying “what the fuck why did that song play?” i heard it 5 days ago every time they play it half way in the morning and its summer so im confused….. but i really love this version its just not a good match for a summer song lol

  8. jpkk471

    @TheLdzpln lol all he is going to do is go cry to his mom

  9. malkiebroon

    @xCowlRaven13x same place! we are the people and god save our queen yi tim.

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