25 Responses to “Martha Stewart Baby Costumes 1”

  1. leapardlover

    This is soo stupid what happens when the baby doesnt want to be laying down and has to take a dump

  2. OrangeTealSky

    I thought cannablism was frowned upon in most countries..

  3. gnoccafan

    i worry about part of the costume. more better to make something on the side soft and safe. looks like a baby could pull of those little berries easily and put it in there little mouths and get choked. still cute idea maybe for halloween.

  4. achievementguy189

    I have only eaten cherry pie baby before, BUT not apple, can i have a free piece?

  5. Darwinpasta

    Hmm… babies… in pies… yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Next week, disguise your child as a throw pillow!

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