Martha Stewart Baby Costumes 2

Here’s Part 2 of Isabele Ortley’s awesome baby turkey costume how-to.

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    1. cute

      Post by tranxendentalist July 11, 2008
    2. OMG! Is this for real? Why would you do this to a child? I kept thinking, why isn’t Martha watching the baby! What if he rolls off the counter?

      Post by Mwedemeyer February 2, 2009
    3. do you eat them while still alive or have to cook them first.

      Post by greaserleo December 13, 2009
    4. This is soooooo weird

      Post by katebefore30 March 24, 2010
    5. so wroong!

      Post by MandyMInagawa June 10, 2010
    6. she’s a bitch

      Post by aan204 August 27, 2010

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