Metal Skull Biker Child Costume

Metal Skull Biker Child Costume

Product features:

  • Availible sizes – large and medium.
  • Made of polyester.
  • Included face mask with attatched hat, jacket and gloves.
  • Costume measures 14 x 3 x 40 inches.
  • Costumes weight is 14.4 ounces.
  • It’s made for kids at age 9 to 12.

Product description

Metal skull bikers costume is very scary, very Halloween-style and quite original. Skeletons are very popular and this Halloween costumes costume is a skeleton biker, so it would be something different and your kid could stand out in the crowd of skeletons. This outfit ir for both – boys and girls, but most likely girls won’t have so much fun with it. The costume includes a skull face mask that has holes for eyes and breathing. Also the mask won’t break, if it’s dropped on the floor. Mask is attatched well, so it shouldn’t fall. Also there is a black hat that’s attatched to the mask. Without wearing the face mask, your kid will look more casual and more like ordinary biker, so he can wear it in casual days while playing with his friends. Also it means that this costume is 2 in 1 so the kid can wear one costume, but have two different looks.

Costume is made of polyester and it can be worn more than once to different costume related events. Spikes on the jacket shoulders are made of EVA, so they are not sharp. Costume also includes a pair of black fingerless gloves. They are fit to hand and are hard to loose, but if that’s the case – they can be easily replaced. Also with this costume it’s possible to wear different pants – blue jeans, black jeans, with or without any ripped holes. This costume also is very easy and fun to improve with different biker accessories, like chains or bikers scarf. Also this costume parts are quite easy to replace, but the face mask is the most important – it’s what makes the mask unique. Jacket is made of pleather, so it looks like a real leather jacket. Because of that, the dirt are coming off very easy without washing.

Metal Skull Biker Child Costume video

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  • Gloves and face mask included.
  • Variety with wearing.
  • Easy to improve with biker accessories.

Metal Skull Biker Child Costume –


  • Hard to see with face mask.
  • Mask might not stand streight to face.
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