25 Responses to “Oh My God! Dogs in Halloween Costumes. Get Your Puppy Website.”

  1. milk2stay

    if this was a contest the hot dog and banana ones would win (most likely)

  2. icecreamjellybubbles

    if u think this is great check out dogs in costumes at my channel!!

  3. kikisamin

    i loved the first one and seconds 46 , 52 ,55 ,101, 108, 132

  4. smilyHeidi

    omg! WAY CUTE! I just got my dog a ladybug costume, and my cat a joke hat thing. Its s ufnny

  5. FOXRIDER1999

    the pirate one is so funny!!!

  6. leonengard

    I don’t like chihuahuas so much, but I think they are the most funny dogs when dressed.
    Cool video.

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