Peaches DJ Down Under

Peaches TITillating show was supplemented by two dancers who joined the tour : Siân Reid & Jess Daly – the latter also being the one who created Peaches’ awesome Barbie/Boobie costume! Also appearing onstage was Anthony Babetown Cleave. Hitting up all the great festivals like The Falls, Southbound and Field Day from Melbourne to Tasmania to Sydney, Peaches delivered six pounding shows to the eager Aussie crowds. Thanks to Bobby Virgona who shot all the footage.

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    1. love the music….but she seriously worries me….and the dude at the end –> whaaaaat?!

      Post by me4skittles March 10, 2011
    2. yeah she´s my freak of the week and i love her for that. she got the balls to do her own thing and thats whats missing by most of the girls out there.

      Post by TheBrokenCarDealer March 10, 2011

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