Pennywise the Clown Halloween Mask – Universal Fancy Dress Horror Masks

Mask available at: Mask and costume set at: This is a motion display of the Horrifying Pennywise the Clown mask from Steven King’s IT. This mask is one of the Universal Fancy Dress range of scary masks, it’s hand painted, latex and extremely scary – if you hate scary clowns then you’re in the wrong place. This horror mask is the perfect addition to any Halloween fancy dress costume and will definitely strike terror into those unfortunate enough to see it. Come along to Universal Fancy Dress to see a range of hundreds of different latex horror masks and accessories – beware though, it’s not for the faint hearted!!! All this and more at

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    1. Can you get the costume w/ it? :?

      Post by NodDisciple1 April 5, 2011
    2. @NodDisciple1 Yes you can, I have included a link to the mask and costume set in the description, although this video was filmed with the Craky the Clown costume – if you let us know we can supply you either mask with either costume. Unfortunately this mask is out of stock atm, we will get our next delivery in July.
      Thanks – UFD

      Post by universalfancydress April 5, 2011

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