Pink Barbie Jedi Custom Aluminum and Brass Lightsaber

Custom aluminum and brass handcrafted lightsaber from the Vault. Made from fine quality aluminum and brass polished to a high sheen. Features a raw quartz crystal chamber, illuminated white anti-vandal switch, recessed 3mm flashing white accent LEDs, sound provided by a Jedi FX board and illuminated by an RGB LED mixed to a striking pink hue for the perfect complement to the Barbie Jedi’s costume. This saber will be making an appearance at DragonCon 2010. Look for it there!

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    1. Awesome. How come I didn’t see you guys at CV?

      Post by TheJediExile22 September 1, 2010
    2. Ughh I want one of your sabers. This one just looks amazing.
      If only lightsabers were real! And everyone’s walking around with their own custom one, one thats special to you and only you. I’d have a collection(=

      Post by superchickin86 September 1, 2010
    3. how much?

      Post by D0C420 September 1, 2010
    4. Nice work, Alan! Now if only she’d take some photos next to the pink stormtrooper we once saw when BOP was happening at the “BayCon”s.

      Post by greytale September 1, 2010
    5. nice, i lol’d when i read the title, i didn’t know what to expect when i read barbie.

      Post by TheMartialartsJedi September 1, 2010
    6. @D0C420

      This was custom made for the Barbie Jedi and is not for sale. If you have interest in our work, email us at sabersmith”@”vadersvault”.”com and we’d be happy to talk with you.

      Post by VadersVault September 1, 2010
    7. @VadersVault simple question simple answer maybe another company can answer it

      Post by D0C420 September 1, 2010
    8. New VV saber, EXQUISITE as always.

      Post by Drazhar21 September 1, 2010
    9. Gorgeous!

      Post by BlackGatchaman September 2, 2010
    10. Very nice you two!! She’ll be styling for sure.

      Post by samfisherrules September 3, 2010
    11. @D0C420

      Knock yourself out:)

      Post by VadersVault September 3, 2010
    12. @TheJediExile22

      We were there all 4 days as participants though, we did not have a booth this time. We wanted to enjoy the convention! Maybe we’ll do something different for CVI:)

      Post by VadersVault September 3, 2010
    13. @VadersVault Oh okay, I kind of though that was why, though I still wish you had a booth!

      Post by TheJediExile22 September 4, 2010
    14. a quick google image search turned up pictures of Barbie Jedi from the con. The saber fit her outlandishly pink (yet admittedly awesome) costume perfectly. You guys are the best, and these videos are the perfect way to make every fan want their own.

      Post by NegativeProof October 19, 2010
    15. @NegativeProof

      Thanks so much for the complements! She sent us a few pics and she definitely looked awesome! She was a very nice person to deal with as well.

      Post by VadersVault October 26, 2010
    16. I want this sword…..

      Post by Blayros December 7, 2010
    17. Hey its a nice sword who can I buy it? Your mrnmfingerboarder

      Post by mrnmfingerboarder December 24, 2010

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