Pirate Halloween Costumes for kids and  For All Ages

If you have not already noticed, pirate Halloween costumes for kids and all ages are popular this year, though perhaps not quite as popular as last year. Pirates have always been a theme that some love to go with for Halloween however, so it is one that you really can not go wrong with no matter what. What is even better than the fact that pirates are usually a hit, there are many different ways you can go with this idea for all ages and for both sexes. Pirates are common ideas, but they are also some of the most fun costumes you can get.

If you are thinking up pirate Halloween costumes for your younger children, you can go with any that you want, but one very popular idea is Capt’ Feather sword from the Wiggles. This goes well for most children under the age of eight, but some outgrow wanting this costume when they hit five or six years old. You can also go with the generic and non-scary type of pirate Halloween costumes if your child does not like or watch the Wiggles. Either is a lot of fun.

though Capt’ Feather sword is a hoot. For older kids and teenagers, they may very well want to be Capt’ Jack from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. That is probably the most popular of the pirates Halloween costumes that you can get. These are fun, but if your child is going for something more original, they may not want to do this one. They can build their own, and these can be a bit scarier, but perhaps not quite as dramatic as what an adult may want to wear for this theme. These are easy enough to put together as there are parts and pieces for this theme in every collection of costumes in most stores.

With adults, pirate Halloween costumes can be anything you want. You can go sexy, scary, or traditional. You can even go with something that is not as common, as in other pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, or ones from movies that have come out within the last twenty or so years. Pirates are very visible, and everyone knows one when they see one. Though you may think that pirate Halloween costumes are never going to win prizes in contests, you should know that it all depends on what you do with them. Ramp up your imagination and go with it if that is what you want to do.

Here is a bonus one more review small article all about Pirate Flags for Halloween costumes for kids ideas When I took my children to see the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, they all came out wanting to get pirate flags. I can’t blame them. The action and adventure in that movie was contagious. It made everyone want to be a pirate. I have always viewed the Jolly Roger as a wonderful symbol. It symbolizes recklessness in the face of danger, a devil-may-care attitude, and an adventurous spirit willing to risk everything for profit and glory. The interesting thing is that, if you look at historical pirate flags, they vary a great deal. The design of pirate party flags – the ones you see everywhere – is actually pretty typical, but each captain would put his own spin on it. Some of them had pictures of the captain drinking with Death, others had hour glasses to show the mortality of all people. Some of them had cutlasses, others crossbones, and others one of each.

All of them were designed with the same goal in mind: to show enemies that the pirate meant business. As a craft activity one afternoon last week, I had my kids design their own pirate flags. They absolutely love it. They have their own pirate hats and swords, which they put on before they started. We used black cloth and white paint to make pirate flags. It was a little bit messy and it took a few attempts, but in the long run it came out great. By the time we were done, we all had brilliant, menacing and fun pirate flags. It was such a fun activity, in fact, that my youngest daughter proposed that we have a pirate party. I thought this was a grand idea.

That night, we rented pirate movies, got some pizza (not the most piratical food, but still a lot of fun) and sat down to watch film after film. It was a whole lot of fun. Not only did we watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but we also watched some old Errol Flynn pirate movies and a few others. We even watched Ice Pirates – a cult science-fiction classic that has been one of my favorites since college. Next time we do it, we’re going to make it even bigger and better. I think I’ll let the kids invite friends over and have a few friends of my own to the house. It sure will be a raucous night of high seas adventure.

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