playstation home free costumes, clothes, and accessories [UK only]

READ ———————— ———————— ———————— 1. go to playstation store 2. search for playstation home 3. click on the one you want and download // mind some thing are free and other you have too pay for but most is free stuff. please go on to my website and click an AD to help me get some moneyz!

Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. How do you record your screen??

      Post by HowToDanmark October 31, 2010
    2. @HowToDanmark
      i use a hd pvr to record my ps3 if thats what you mean

      Post by samrobaston October 31, 2010
    3. @samrobaston And then i may ask…. What the heck is a pvr?? xD

      Post by HowToDanmark October 31, 2010
    4. @HowToDanmark
      a personal video recorder

      Post by samrobaston October 31, 2010
    5. thanks

      Post by TheYouranapple November 25, 2010
    6. what a stupid video he didn’t tell no how to get his outfit

      Post by CB4513 December 4, 2010
    7. @CB4513
      what a stupid comment,
      i said you can get my outfit if you follow the instructions

      Post by samrobaston December 4, 2010
    8. Im Confused the only free stuff was the Trailer and Red Sweat pants?

      Post by LewNazWar December 4, 2010
    9. this is stuped he dose not show how to get it

      Post by everett12100 December 13, 2010
    10. @everett12100
      i tell you

      Post by samrobaston December 13, 2010
    11. omfg ur the man fuk all of yous that dont read the description fuk yall

      Post by f0bstarj614 December 22, 2010
    12. is that outfit free on the playstation store?

      Post by ZACK3R111 December 22, 2010
    13. yes the outfit is on playstation store

      Post by 2KOKOnutz December 24, 2010
    14. How to get free suits or clothes.

      step1) Go to playstation store.

      step2) Search playstation home.

      step3) Click on the outfit or clothes you want to get then your done.

      Post by 2KOKOnutz December 24, 2010
    15. pointless video everything had a price nothing was free and most were videos demos wallpapers and other useless crap wat a bunch of bull

      Post by mexicanmix909 December 30, 2010
    16. @mexicanmix909
      sorry but when i did the video alot of things were free i cant help if the change the prices of things or remove them

      Post by samrobaston December 30, 2010
    17. @mexicanmix909 dude it sed ‘uk only’ im in da uk &it all free

      Post by supershadow6661 January 12, 2011
    18. @supershadow6661
      thanks for clarifying it still works :)

      Post by samrobaston January 12, 2011
    19. thanks dude my all free :D

      Post by George19166 January 16, 2011
    20. most free

      Post by George19166 January 16, 2011
    21. how can i find playstation home stuff on the psn-store??
      i tried to put “home” in the search but it finds over 400 things and none of them had something to do with playstation home!!! is there a direct way to find this stuff on the psn-store??

      Post by salentinu February 23, 2011
    22. this video is super lame is just sitting there doing nothingu dumb person

      Post by ubfunnky February 26, 2011
    23. @ubfunnky are you blind or something there is text what is telling you what to do at the bottom of the screen!

      Post by samrobaston February 26, 2011
    24. this is cool

      Post by lamont11223 February 26, 2011
    25. @ubfunnky ohh you just got told!!!

      Post by slygirl1999 February 26, 2011

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