Pose N Stay Skeleton Review

Pose N Stay Skeleton Review

Standing 63 inches tall, this skeleton model is an ideal purchase for Halloween. It can stand erect against a wall and be positioned in almost any way you like – making it ideal for a custom Halloween display. If you want something affordable and spooky then this is a great option. For just $59.99 you can get your hands on the Pose N Stay Skeleton over at Amazon.

The reviews of the Pose N Stay Skeleton are all good and most say it’s a great product for Halloween. The product is extremely flexible for use which is great – you can move the arms and legs and the jaw. The joints lock into place which means you can pose the skeleton however you like and he’ll stay there for the duration of your party!

Only downside we can see is that he doesn’t seem to be able to stand freely – the product has to be against a wall or on a chair or some kind of support. Not necessarily a bad thing because most people will have other things in the display so this isn’t so bad.

Product Features:

–          Made from plastic

–          63 inches tall

–          Flexible

–          Locking joints

–          Moveable parts: legs, arms and jaw

–          Great Halloween piece

Ideal for Halloween parties, the Pose N Stay Skeleton is a great talking point or can be a great addition to a fantastic display. We really like this product and we highly recommend it for Halloween. The reviews are good and most people suggest the product is of good quality and excellent value for money. They also say it’s painted well and is easy to use in terms of positioning the skeleton in a variety of poses – one person did say that it’s limited but they may have been looking for something slightly more adventurous for their display.

For Halloween displays and just good fun, the Pose N Stay Skeleton is certainly a product we can recommend – especially for just under $60 at Amazon!

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