check my ebay items: visit my store: read my blog follow me on twitter the final part. I found all the clips from the 1995 sega cd game and decided to put them all together as one episode in the style of the adventures of batman and robin . Featuring the original voices from the show like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Loren Lester and more! I custom made the closing credits enjoy!

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    25 Responses to “pt 2/2 the adventures of batman and robin the lost episode from the sega cd game”

    1. hunterknight4

      yeah a little Jewel of the “animated era” i’m a super bat-fan!

    2. amshg21

      amazing ….
      but i didnt like the music that much …

      but every thing els is cool ….

    3. TheHelldragon

      I like how Clayface was the mastermind for a change. That’s a neat difference from making Joker the final villian to beat.

    4. xtlhogciao

      Why did Poison Ivy and Clayface crash? I know this is minor, but I see Ivy drive off, then it cuts to the van upside down.
      Batman hops into the batwing, and it cuts to a flaming helicopter crashing into a bridge. There had to be something in between each of them.
      I’m assuming Batman caused the crashes of course. I ignored the Ivy crash. I’m just curious now because it happened twice.

      Thanks for the upload though. I thought I’d seen them all.

    5. hunterknight4

      @xtlhogciao this are cutscenes of a sega videogame, the crashes have to be done by the player . The cutscenes were so beautifully done, and produced by the same people that made the show that fans call it “the lost episode” i just put the cutscenes together

    6. bman770

      Um… did Robin drop the F-bomb in the batplane when they see the missle coming???

    7. Terryfan

      4:47 clayface: I guess if you want something done right you got to do it yourself

    8. unsightlytroupe1

      Awesome show yesterday, I just watched it again online at lastnightstvshows (.) com

    9. MedicalTerrorism

      It’s so awesome that they got all the actors to do their parts for the game! And the animation is beautiful, even better than some of the series episodes!

    10. lastunusedname

      I wish the Robin rescue scene had ended with The Joker saying “As promised, Robin is yours.*Robin had OD’d on Joker Toxin* But I think he likes it here with me better.” Or “Here’s Robin, Bats. Some reassembly required.” Both ending with a hearty “WAAHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!”

    11. f8j3jn

      wonder why no one else figured that water was the way to kill clayface

    12. strapinhotpockets

      This is amazing. you’d never see this much time and effort and care in this era anymore. god im glad i was born in the 90s. i had sega genesis but i never played this game. thx for the upload!!!! :)

    13. hunterknight4

      @strapinhotpockets Thanks no problem. yeah if I had a time machine I would go back to the 90’s in a second!

    14. Terryfan

      The 90s were the best of the best if you agree give me a hell yeah

    15. MrIsmailmahmood

      @hunterknight4 same here good memories back when life was less strressful

    16. Wierdperson31

      It’s a little weird. How do you have Joker in a Batman game, and not have him as the main villain?

    17. AimingFist

      harley quinn stepped out in hotness in arkham asylum

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