25 Responses to “Quickie Dust Bunny Costume by Mr Kate”

  1. aglanceatmyworld

    Super cute! You are so creative! I never would have looked at fake cobwebs and thought ‘I’m going to use those to create a bolero’

  2. Emily9485

    I LOVE the AA petticoats!! i have ballet pink one and used it for my Nurse joy costume!:D

  3. NorthernElumination

    i like that you didn’t go fro the playboy bunny look! :D very nice

  4. monkeystar2307

    love it! where did your styling “mr. hot” video go? I was using it for reference and now it’s gone :(

  5. BrendaWalsh28

    what nail polish are you wearing in this video? i love it!

  6. leggsXinXaXtopXhat

    that is adorable and i love it was not another generic sexy bunny look very creative.

  7. TheMrkate

    @dynomitis this is way late but Happy Halloween to you and i guess Happy Thanksgiving!! xx

  8. TheMrkate

    @HelloImUntitled awe thanks! people have been telling me lately i look like Kesha. thanks!

  9. TheMrkate

    @leggsXinXaXtopXhat thanks, yeah, i’m over the whole sexy thing – so predictable!

  10. TheMrkate

    @BrendaWalsh28 it’s actually a black gel manicure with gold foil overlay. the foil comes out different every time which gives it that crackle effect. I got it done at my local salon! xx

  11. TheMrkate

    @monkeystar2307 I’m not sure what video you’re talking about – is it the one with Justin Willman from Cupcake Wars?

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