25 Responses to “Rob Zombie’s Halloween trailer”

  1. FLTx47b

    good movie. and hes actually controlled by demon spirits or something. because at the end of this he gets shot in the face, and its a remake of the first one, so he couldnt have died because that would completely erase the rest of the series. so it pretty much reveals the fact that hes like freddy and jason, theres no killing him.

  2. michaelmyers011

    Michael Myers in movie is a real person like you and me. He can’t be some ghost, it’s stupit!

  3. derrville

    yes, michael myers doesnt become michael myers untill like the last 15 mins.

  4. Minxii1997

    THIS MOVIE SUCKS SO BADLY!!! It ruins the whole Halloween genre (rob zombie sucks!!!!!!!!!!)

  5. longhairdcountryboy

    i agree…
    the only thing good that came out of seeing this movie was the free t-shirt i got at the door…

  6. TylerFlip12

    john carpentars version kciks the shit out of this

  7. TylerFlip12

    yea i think that this movie was alright but all the other halloweens are 40x better than this one all they did was extend childhood which made it less creepy cuz he had reason to kill,make michael bigger, and make loud noises in scenes to shock people instead actually scatring them

  8. CharlieBarkin44

    I saw the unrated version.If you see it see the rated version its alot better.Unrated…too much naked people.lol.

  9. ilovebritishgirls

    that remake was awesome!!!It gave us more details about mike myers childhood cause in the first 50 minutes mike was a kid…it was awesome!!! And why the fuck all the victims run INTO the house???Just go out and run away!!! not into mike’s house bitch!!!!!

  10. trevor62120

    thats the only cheasy part about all these movies they stay inside and hide when they run past the door like 5 time but these are the best movies ever micheal myers all the way

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