25 Responses to “Saints Row 2: Bike Cop Outfit ( Really Close to )”

  1. butcherkid9000

    its a black army helmet with a gold logo on it u get it at lets pretend

  2. shakeyjake1990

    yer ive only seen one bike cop… rare as goats eggs

  3. TheNikeAirman

    bike cops only appear if your driving on a motorcycle

  4. PhreshDogg

    Not really try getting some wanted stars and drive a motorcycle, they will appear.

  5. TRYME834

    I know how to make the entire thing, I made one and it is exact, and I also never thought anyone would ever think of doing the same I did. But sadly, I got so many save files I dont know which one the outfit is on, and I would record it if I could just get the videos to have sound.

  6. TheTtjr123

    Nothing like the real police outfit.
    I Have the REAL one.

    Do the glitch to get the real police outfit and then buy the police helmet at the shopping mall. Simple as

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