Saints Row 2 – REAL COP OUTFIT (1 player)

REAL Cop Outfit instructions: (IF YOU CANT DO IT THEN TOUGH SH*T) 1. Go to the “FUZZ” activity located on the Map 2. Start Activity 3. Go to the suggested place in the activity, with the camera-man in the car 4. When at your destination, get out of your car avoiding the person you have to kill 5. Kill the camera man 6. Wait until the camera-man’s reviving timer has gone down to 4 seconds 7. When the camera-man’s timer gets to 4 seconds until he dies, repeatedly press the ‘Start’ button as fast as you can 8. Keep pressing the ‘Start’ button until the camera-man’s timer has disappeared, along with the ‘Activity Bar’ at the top of your screen 9. Once the ‘Activity Bar’ and the camera-man have both disappeared, save the game immediately 10. Go back to your nearest house 11. Go into your “Wardrobe”, you will notice that your cop outfit has gone… do not worry! 12. Then Load the game which you saved with the Cop Outfit 13. You should be wearing the Cop Outfit 14. Go back into your “Wardrobe” and go into your outfits 15. Press “Create New Outfit from Current Clothing” 16. Type in a name for your new outfit and press ‘Done’. 17. You should now have the REAL COP OUTFIT saved into your wardrobe, Congratulations!

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