16 Responses to “Scariest Halloween Costume Ever! – Rubies Costume Co”

  1. TheTitan1998

    um… i’m gonna be a bananaaa! jk :D
    I luv the rubies costime shop! it’s lyk the best costume shop rite? :D

  2. RabidDog51

    @TheTitan1998 i went to spirit of halloween (i think its the best) and i got a jigsaw outfit


    When I was a kid I was scared of clowns but now There kind of cool fun to scare smaller children when they knock on my door

  4. MrTikkiWiki

    That’s sucky costumes, this is the best!: cgi.ebay.c00m/ZOMBIE-EVIL-DEAD-HALLOWEEN-LATEX-COSTUME-MASK-PROP-/380284765365?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item588abd04b5

  5. Head2ToeTheatrical

    We sell Rubies Costumes, Wigs, and Makeup all year round. And have been for almost 30 years.

  6. spencer4211

    i made my costume i bought : black gas mask/black jumpsuit/military boots/black gloves/baton/baton holder/belt/real medals/head warmer to cover your head can find in dicks sporting goods/cantine that is what i did last year. i am updating it now i am going to buy a tactical vest bullet belt with bullets dummy smoke grenades and so on. i will post a picture of it soon. and it is at a price of around 200 to 300 dollars.

  7. Trackspider

    Are the store costumes better than th eonline costumes for rubies? Cause online rubies is CRAP quality.

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