5 Responses to “Scary Kids Halloween Costumes”

  1. Xkiller3397

    These are so last year! i am fifty times Scarier than all of them! Although evil warlock looks pretty cool..but u call these scary?!

  2. deathcharge811

    warlock is awsome!! but my costume is more scarier than the grim reaper (costume is bleeding chest). lol one time i held out my heart and then with my sythe and there was a little girl about to get candy and i was standing still. then when she got closer i got out my hands and put them into claws and i scared the heck out of her XD and i have to show my face to let her get candy. i even scared adults XD its like im a moving prop. i went to this house with grim as a prop. i took a picture/w grims

  3. haleiahoney127

    take a deep breath

    2 think of someone you like

    3 press f10 five times

    4 send this to five youtube videos

    5 look at your background

  4. americanstereomaster

    these are all stupid but best was bionazard collector.

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