24 Responses to “Sexy Halloween Costumes – Great Ideas from WGN”

  1. TheXJacintaX

    those look fake, i mean what ever happend to the kind of halloween where you have fun making costumes now everthing is store bought. :P

  2. iChloeParkeri

    Im dressin up as a naughty school girl this yr but next yr i so wana dress like a sexy ladybug xx

  3. Biuskababy7

    I love halloween! And i going to halloween party! Thanks for good ideas!

  4. xgetawayxcar09

    um those are REAL average sized women. All probably size 4-8. I wear a size 3 and i dont diet nor am i vegetarian. The “average” size you’re talking about is the fat obese women who stuff their face and then cry when they’re forced to wear a size 16.

  5. boomsteakler

    My favorite is little red riding hood. Great Googly Moogly….

  6. MissMustache

    I agree, and these are supposed to give us ideas for what to wear? they are literally the top 6 most over used costumes.. how are you supposed to respect a woman dressed like that?

  7. voidmosh

    @MissMustache Hmmm.. seeing that that was a FRENCH maid outfit, chances are she is going to be white, stupid ass.

  8. voidmosh

    @12igloo40ca Hence, it’s a costume… someone DRESSING UP as Dorothy… not being dorothy.

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