Sexy UK Supermodel Kate Moss flirts with a giant rabbit in new fashion advert

More Telegraph fashion Armed with a bouquet of carrots, Moss works her charm on a large furry friend for her latest modelling assignment for Chilean fashion chain Basement.

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    1. @aarongluzman Your a dick

      Post by neillioen April 19, 2011
    2. That advert is just weird!

      Post by buzzybee77 April 20, 2011

      Post by makintoxrs April 20, 2011
    4. ♥♥♥

      Post by zlw113 April 20, 2011
    5. Brenda Lee – Sweet Nothin’s

      Post by faj0711 April 21, 2011
    6. @faj0711 Brenda Lee – Sweet Nothin’s

      Post by faj0711 April 21, 2011

      whiterabbitradio.n et

      Post by WUND3NFLAMME April 21, 2011
    8. Woow :D

      Post by HaydenBale April 22, 2011
    9. I wanna lick her ass !!!!

      Post by Yoonyah April 22, 2011
    10. thaks!

      Post by makintoxrs April 24, 2011
    11. Incredible job! refreshing and innovator. One of the best tv commercials with Kate Moss

      Post by MrTheMarketer April 25, 2011
    12. This video looks very similar to CONTANDO ESTRELLAS – ANDRES DEL MAR (

      Is the same idea.

      CONTANDO ESTRELLAS won best music video 2010.

      something smells rotten (Shakespeare)

      Post by MsJanette12345 May 10, 2011
    13. One of our Witty Knitters is unfaithful.

      Post by WittyKnitters May 27, 2011

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