20 Responses to “Skylar Speas cop costume.”

  1. AsiaMansur

    Skylar’s adorable! And yeah, that’s probably the cutest cop outfit I’ve ever seen! : D

  2. mExCaLiBuR09

    Yeah. It’s her. I’ve already heard the song. /watch?v=5zrfFtWsINY

  3. VanessaLapierre

    I love Skylar!
    She is soo gorgeous and such a mature personnality for a little girl! definetly one of my favorite pageants girls :)

  4. princessmoragkim

    I love the cop outfit, I’m making one similler for halloween only it has a tutu skirt over the shorts.

  5. AsiaMansur

    I’m going to be a flamingo showgirl for Halloween! We ordered it and it should be here by the end of the month. I also want to use it for OOC next time I do a pageant (which will probably be early next year). Good luck with your costume! : )

  6. crystal0angel

    It is age appropriate besides half the coustumes the kids wear i like the dresses too and her cop act was cute too lol

  7. crystal0angel

    it was cute when she was on the stage in her coustume i didnt like what the fire fighter girl did it was waaaay too sexy for a lil kid

  8. jayjaygirl24698

    i LOVE that coustume! who ever says it isnt age appropriate is nuts!

    Skylar ties with Morgan for my fav T and t girl

  9. cutiegirl1ful

    have u finish upload the full dance perfomance shylar did,if u have can u send it to me

  10. AsiaMansur

    Thank you! : ) I’ve gotten to wear it to two pageants now (and won best OOC in one of them) and I’m wearing it to my next pageant on December 12th in Ohio! : D

  11. somkimberly23

    hey everybody its Kimberly, Skylar’s mom here. I knew everyone would love this outfit!! I appreciate all your nice comments!! Thanks everyone! Love, Kimberly and Skylar Speas

  12. cinstlu

    What I like is that this child does not look sexualized. I was worried when I read “cop outfit”. Thanks for allowing this child to still look like a child.

  13. DecemberFallsSeries

    Yes it was an awesome outfit! & @moragkim I love this song :D

  14. sweetie1039

    @AsiaMansur you are? i have a showgirl costume for pagents ill haft to make a vid shoeing it

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