New dress that will come with the 2010 Halloween event. I was so impressed by it, so awesome, had to make a video about it! Music: Swift Horse – Kow Otani (From Shadow of the Colossus OST disc) Recorded on iSRO. I had to change the sex of my character for show the 2 genders of the dresses lol ^^

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25 Responses to “SRO – 2010 Halloween Dress”

  1. ChristyxxL

    Nice 5* .. but what event? like the older one when you could get avatar free?

  2. iMrRoyal

    @TheShadow91 What i mean is that you dont need to buy the scythe fire thingy xD

    You can buy the hat + set without the 3rd part.

  3. SroMoon

    hey man i just want to know ..this amazing dress is really coming up ???

  4. juliandavidea

    exelente traje …

    kaperu no recuerdo haberlo visto en los files de KSRO :S

  5. VictorDanielVelazco

    @SroMoon yes its coming on ISRO in the event Halloween 2010 :D

  6. DavidjumperFree

    @kaperucit0 Hey when start the event and its a event mit Box ?!?
    also where you must kill moobs and then pick up the Box

  7. VegasVolt3ya9a

    Looks great. The first avatar of this long time, which shows up a new “idea”. The rest of the last avatars (except = Devil Wing Dress, Carnival Dress and this “Slave watcher thingy dress) was looking like crap!

    And yea, it is sadly the truth, you must pay for their dresses … why should we? Media.pk2 ftw ;)
    Someone who bought a avatar before (or won the old Halloween dress by the juwelbox-event (free avatar)) could simply change the hex codes for it!

  8. lacoste117

    Another fucking ugly dress.
    I guess i will wait for Christmas, cause it will be SRO Players who will design it, and we will vote!Old halloween dress was way hotter<3 with the broom stick one ^^

  9. 7aMooDeTeMooN

    it look like Garment 10D CHN -.- ugly … guys w8 my avater .. my account name comeing WarKn1ghT voote to me plz :P

  10. crawling211

    i like both, female looks like Traxex
    and male looks awesome too i will buy it ;D

  11. YMS4EVER

    it cost 175 silk for full dress and it’s suckssss compared to all the old silk dress.s

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