‘Street Fighter-Legacy’ a Streetlight Films production, co-directed by Joey Ansah and Owen Trevor, produced by Jacqueline Quella and stars Jon Foo as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken. ‘StreetFighter-Legacy’ a liveaction short film fan project, based on the popular Capcom gaming franchise: Street Fighter. Officially endorsed by Capcom StreetFighter Legacy has been a labour of love and passion project for its creator, Joey Ansah, who not only conceived and pitched the project, but also co-directed, co-wrote and choreographed it, alongside cameo’ing in the film. Collaborating, creative partner and long time friend Christian Howard was part of the project from day one, co-writing the script and story elements, as well as further down the line, storyboarding the film, being assistant fight choreographer and most importantly playing Ken Masters. Streetlight repped Australian Director Owen Trevor came onboard to co-direct the film. His experience and style carried forward from shooting on 3 series of the acclaimed ‘Top Gear’ have really been an asset to the project and given it a strong visual flair.

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25 Responses to “Street Fighter: Legacy – Costume Design”

  1. Whit3owl18

    @lripthejackerl Have you ever seen the 94 Live action movie or Legend of Chun-li? If not, please ever so kindly stfu.

  2. djmaui

    Face-wise, Ryu and Ken is a good match. I give an A+ on that part. Akuma..eh. the mask needs work. Ryu and Ken could use a little bit more gym time to buff up. They look like they weigh about 135 lbs. Fight scene could be a little more intense. Other than that, I give this entire film a B.

  3. MrBawsy

    why fan films tend to be better? i’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say Hollywood sees it as a business (heartless). fans sees it as art (passion). but that’s just my thoughts. i could be wrong.

  4. MyHatori

    i hate the fact hollywood just does things for the money. when fans make a movie it’s way better because the fans put more heart into making the film.

  5. BBoyPhreshershist

    THis is cheesy but in a good way though. Im gonna watch it, it looks like they actually tried to make a good movie. Kudos guys.

  6. shiggityshake

    This is really cool, I like how it’s a Street Fighter movie with real passion and dedicated towards the source material.

  7. keimeira

    @SEouLC1ty in all fairness though there wasn’t a lot to know about SF back on the 1st movie since that was when some of everybody was after bison for some reason & they didn’t have the luxury of basing it off of somethin like the alpha series

  8. keimeira

    @Eugene007440 i think he played the guile character pretty well especially wiith his fightin background

  9. homrqt

    I wouldn’t have personally pictured ryu as asian looking as this guy. The costumes are stunning though.

  10. Otacon144

    @CollegeLoheart – Most would say a Fan Film is a low-budget work made by fans of whatever series, but really, you could say that a fan film is any time when the people in charge of making the movie are fans of whatever material it’s based on, which usually means one of their goals is to be faithful to said material. Like this, for example.

  11. EYE50MM

    NOt feeling Akuma. His face does NOT look mean enough. In fact it looks funny. Like he has a funny case of elephantiasis. Maybe his head looks too big and does not fit his body? IDK. Well, that is my first impression. Aside from that, WOW, Ryu and Ken are DEAD on man!!! And YES, way better than Hollywood.

  12. Nativeaboriginal

    @TheGodJavier hobo fool as in he never changes clothes

  13. CollegeLoheart


    Most hollywood flims suck when it comes to game related material

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