8 Responses to “Sugarland TV: The Incredible Machine’s costume designer talks steampunk fashion (Part 1)”

  1. sugarland97k74j70k

    the first minute exactly is the best!!!!!!!!!! (say fast and like jenn) Lady GaGa??!?!?! ok side bar

  2. sugarland97k74j70k

    tiffany take it away!!!!!!! lol i love her voice and she and i have almost the exact sense of humor lol………lucky….:)

  3. 1ShogunRua1

    i love how ya’ll combine the sound and costumes with the music. i love steampunk!
    (and sugarland) and just in case ur intrested, prolly the most famous steampunk band out there are called Abney Park! check em out! (if u want) lol. cant wait for this album!

  4. SteampunkPyrate

    Not to sound rude, just asking, but since when has everyone wanted to be Steampunk? Did I miss something…?

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