14 Responses to “Sweeney Todd Extra- Costume Design”

  1. TheSweeneyToddMovie

    hehhe i have 3 of ST’s costumes,,,,,3 variations of quality. im redoing one of them cuz mine arent accurate enough.
    but go on my piczo site . i will post picz of it there when its done. ^^ thanks ofr all ur comments and stuff

  2. RSJohnDeppDillinger

    haha “it’ll frighten some children” :)

  3. TheSweeneyToddMovie

    haha thats great! i kno!
    i love terrorizing children its so fun!

  4. sweeneykaraoke

    They are so beautiful! Every time i see the movie I am in awe of the dresses, and costumes! AHH! so pretty!

  5. TheSweeneyToddMovie

    Colleen Atwood is one of the best costume designers for movies. awesome awesome work she does
    i wouldnt mind having one of mrs lovett’s dresses. actually i wouldnt mind having all of the costumes. lol

  6. PinkyandBrainMovies

    i love the costumes in Sweeney Todd…her dresses are sooooooooo beautiful

  7. TheSweeneyToddMovie

    i know. they are soooo detailed and awesome! Colleen Atwood is an amazing costume designer

  8. ImiiNotOkay25

    i love how most of the outfits are quite dark and dull (not in a bad way) and the film is also quite dark,
    but pirelli’s outfit and mrs. lovett’s fantasy are really colourful and bright (along with the blood xD)
    this film is incredible in every possible way <3

  9. TheSweeneyToddMovie

    i agree. the movie is amazin and the artistic choices made were done very well

  10. NoMoreCinnamonRolls

    It freezes at 0:28 no matter what I do. 0^0

  11. lalalachachacha0123

    I love the costumes in all of tim burtons movies beautiful!

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