The most popular cartoon masks.

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It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. This especially goes for Christmas. There’s no denying that you have a much greater chance of finding everything on that list if you begin early in the year. Not to mention you won’t have to battle all those horrendous crowds. But what about Halloween? Do you take the initiative to prepare early for this exciting occasion? If your answer is no, then I suggest you reconsider. By inquiring what your children want to wear early on in the year, you definitely get a convenient grasp on things. Besides all of the great costumes are sold out once October hits. So, find out what your little trick-or-treator wants to go as this Halloween. You may need some vampire fangs, mummy shrouds, or contemporary cartoon masks to dress them up in.

From my routine candy adventure through our neighborhood last Halloween, I’d have to say that modern cartoon masks were all the rage. I saw everything from Cosmo on “The Fairly Odd Parents,” to Patrick from “Spongebob Squarepants,” to Dora from “Dora the Explorer.” These are all adorable cartoon masks and costumes to see on small children. Hey, it’s a rule of thumb; the cuter you look, the more candy you shall receive. Not surprisingly, my daughter informed me that she wants to go as a Teen Titan next year. This is all fine and good, but I was really hoping to make her into a little vampire for the first time. Oh well, you can’t argue with what the little ones want to be on that one special day of the year.

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What’s your child’s favorite cartoon? You surely know the ones they spend half of their free time watching each day. If they’re anything like my little girl, they’re addicted to Cartoon Network and Nick Jr. There are so many cartoon masks to choose from all the characters on these animated shows. Surprise your child by picking up a few cartoon masks for this Halloween or before his/her birthday party. These guises are a sure-win. If you can’t find any in the local party store, turn to the web for instant results. I spotted plenty in the “Party City” near my home last October.