The Various Voices of Steve (from Blue’s Clues)

* May 12th, 2011: Though I gave up typing replies after getting a ton of errors, I appreciate the ‘thumbs-up’ (2 people are maybe Joe’s fans? LOL Just kidding.) and the great comments you leave. THANKS A LOT, YOU GUYS! You all remember ‘Blue’s Clues’, right? I have to say, I just adore Steve’s voice. Not just his normal voice (and singing voice, too), but all the funny accents, sounds, and imitations he did on the show. I thought it would be fun to make sort of a silly montage of them. The background (made up, FICTIONAL) story is like this: Let’s say Steve wanted a certain job (maybe another television show host or something) and to get this job, he needed to show how versatile his voice can be (then Blue suggested playing Blue’s Clues to figure out what would be effective to show his multi-talented voice and, well.. you know the drill). So, he came up with this little video. Enjoy! * I do not own any of these videos. Copyrights by Nickelodeon. * Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Season 4, so this video is made up of only Season 1, 2, 3 and 5. * Each video segment is from.. French – ‘Blue’s News’ British – ‘Pretend Time’ Alien – ‘Blue’s Big Costume Party’ Sports commentator – ‘Blue’s Senses’ Window washer – ‘Occupations’ Mailbox – ‘What’s That Sound’ Sock puppet – ‘100th Episode Celebration’ Opera singer – ‘What Does Blue Want To Do On A Rainy Day’ Monkey – ‘Pretend Time’ Papa Bear – ‘What Story Does Blue Want To Play’ Bird – ‘Blue’s Big Pajama Party’ Chicken

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    1. @1bluescluesfan Wow really? You know all Blue’s Clues episodes?

      Post by greentophat February 26, 2011
    2. I loved blues clues when I was little, steve was always better than joe

      Post by Luffymon88 February 27, 2011
    3. omg. i used 2 do the MAIIILLLL!!! thing when i was little. good times…xD

      Post by futuremrsjoejonas210 March 2, 2011
    4. ELVIS!!!!

      Post by MartinSeptimII March 2, 2011
    5. The window washer and Elvis are the best! <33

      Post by animegeek88 March 5, 2011
    6. Just keep pressing ‘7’ on your keyboard. ;D

      Post by brisayshi March 7, 2011
    7. I remember watching blues clues! And I always wanted to dress up like steve. I had the shirt the pants and the shoes! xD

      Post by MrMacsiPhone March 17, 2011
    8. somebodies been sleeping in my bed well gee it obviously wouldnt be a fucking girl idiot

      Post by SnoozersDog March 17, 2011
    9. oh my god, I miss Steve <3

      Post by modernhumanity March 20, 2011
    10. AWWW i wanted to see who won the race :(

      Post by MegaAwesomeK March 26, 2011
    11. seeing Blue dance to Elvis was the best part !

      Post by myspacceer April 5, 2011
    12. Nice baby

      Post by CrAzYmAnGuY98 April 13, 2011
    13. hehe hold down 7… Unce unce unce nce unce

      Post by shermen55 April 14, 2011
    14. Hey how much pot do you guys think he smoked before he did this show?

      Post by manny8312 April 18, 2011
    15. france approves the first voice >:D

      Post by Animefan170 April 21, 2011
    16. You. Are. My hero.

      Post by juliaw4 April 22, 2011
    17. @xEgKxXxDeAtHx LMAO!! OMG i swear, i see so many stupid comments about push this over and over,and almost all of them are a waste of time . . this one?? is probably the best anyone will ever point out . . EVER . . thank you :) “MAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!”

      Post by casperlok2dbrain April 22, 2011
    18. (: Dude(tte), you made my night! haha I was just thinking about Blues Clues, that show was so awesome with Steve, nobody else, JUST STEVE!

      Post by Havk123 April 26, 2011
    19. @casperlok2dbrain you r welcome! haha

      Post by xEgKxXxDeAtHx April 26, 2011
    20. @skgpdnjs How about the Various Voices of Joe(from Blue’s clues)?

      Post by Noctrelle May 1, 2011
    21. this used to b my fav show when i was a kid no lie.

      Post by mermer044 May 2, 2011
    22. it’s referee, not sports commenter

      Post by Noctrelle May 5, 2011
    23. lol, steve man i loved you as a child xD

      Post by TwilightXWolf66 May 6, 2011
    24. I loved steve…. But then I think he was arrested for drugs(?) And.they hired that other dude…. Again I dont know what exactly happend to steve and why theu hired the other person.. And I am not looking for a comment fight. So it would be a waste of your time saying to me that you disagree and all that other shit you see on some video’s comments

      Post by TimmiTime1 May 8, 2011
    25. “somebody’s been sleeping in my bed” made me laugh the hardest XD

      Post by FMAlcohalic May 13, 2011

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