25 Responses to “This Is Halloween”

  1. FleX246

    Der Film ist einfach nur der Hamma…. und der Song erst recht … der Song in der Weihnachts Stadt aber auch, allerdings ist der neue Film von tim Burton auch Hamma “Nummer 9” … Wer den schon gesehen hat. …. =)

  2. darkvampire1angel


  3. NyokaDelFanfiction

    Thumbs up for Tim Burton! One of his best movies yet… Apart from Sweeney Todd of course!!

  4. AllTheBreathingBE

    Nightmare Before Christmas is best Burton’s movie, and the reason why he is so overrated.

  5. HaloJackassOfficial

    Tim Burton is not only god but a gothic god!

  6. MrBored2sleep

    The 367 ppl who didnt like this movie i have one thing to say
    Wats wrong with u?

  7. MrBored2sleep

    Thats scary:im the “who” when u call “whos there” imagine this. Your walkin home from a movie its 10:00 and ur scared because scary thing have happened to people on this street 2 blocks away u see your house u sigh with relief u keep walkin,then you hear talkin behind u u look but nothings there u call “whos there”.No response.You walk faster,scared 1 block away from ur house u hear talking again u call again whos there but this time a man steps from the shadows and says “Me”

  8. jinxsayonara

    @MonaMontana LOL…had to make sure it was five words..(yes…yes..IM DUMB)…LOL…

  9. bassmonkey1962

    @MrBored2sleep I like the movie, but I am almost embarassed to say so: It has become too “trendy,” thanks to the angry little black-lipstick-wearing goths.

  10. compulsiveadlh

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  11. visorlord

    @ResydulDamage yea, but this 1 is good 2, altho i do hav mm’s in my playtlist lol

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