To kick off our Halloweeny Mayhem, Threadbanger brings you this exclusive interview with Tony Award Winning Costume Designer Susan Hilferty to get you fired up and inspired to start getting to work on your own costumes.

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25 Responses to “Threadbanger: Interview with Costume Designer Susan Hilferty”

  1. ImmortalChaos

    I am foaming at the mouth, I want to see this. Those costumes are gorgeous.

  2. embdel18

    does anyone know where i can contact her?? i’m making a elphaba dress in Textiles at school and i really wanted to write to her to ask her stuff. Thanks!

  3. xSweeneyxToddx

    “For Good” from the musical ‘Wicked’.

  4. nickyg

    I’m a bit late with this(I hope it still helps), but I believe her personal website has contact information.

  5. vnsfelippe

    Great video thanks a lot,it’s very inspiring!!!
    : D

  6. love2laugh1661

    omg i cant believe there was only 10 thousand views! This video was amazing! Thanks for posting!

  7. mower2009

    i was lucky enough to shadow a dresser during a performance and the costumes…..this woman is amazing. such detail, they are so clever. it was so inspiring. made me want to be a costume designer even more than i already do!!! =D

  8. alvaheadwear

    I saw WICKED in London and I thought the costumes were out of this world. Those costumes are couture creations. Thanks for the advice.

  9. NoMoreCinnamonRolls

    She said the magic word!!!!

    Hell Yes.

  10. MrsChelloJello

    Ugh!!! I hate you guys!!! (Not really)… I saw the play and it was awesome… It has always been my dream to meet the stars or see their clothes up close… UGH!!!!!!!!!!

  11. MrsChelloJello

    Our school did a spoof of the play… Okay so it was a mixture of The Wiz, Wicked, and The Wizard of Oz…. Lucky me, I got to play The Wizard… It was pretty sweet!!!

  12. FantasmaLuna

    @pjcp97 Steampunk is an idea of futuristic invention and style in the Victorian era. There’s actually a how-to vid on Steampunk fashion that Threadbanger did a while ago and it was pretty cool! I recommend checking it out.

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