25 Responses to “Threadbanger: Worst Halloween Costumes”

  1. MrDeLocke

    Wow the world trade center one and the joker one ere horrible. For shame

  2. KaitytheChameleon

    Last year one of my brother’s friends wore his normal clothes and said he was a pedisterian.

    :34 was just…ew…=w=

  3. freifamilyfun

    I think the most tasteless and vile costume I’ve ever seen was on Burbon St. in New Orleans Halloween night 2003. It was a gay couple. One of the guys was dressed up as a Judas Priest wearing the cross upside down. The other guy was dressed up as a half naked nun bleeding to death from a botched abortion. It was scary insane. Then again you see equally insane things on Burbon St. on any given night. Needless to say I haven’t gone back to Burbon on Halloween since then.

  4. KnowFear96

    wow world trade centre and Joker in a coffin…completely tasteless. i wouldn’t be surprised if they got punched in the face

  5. youlosez

    Wow… World Trade Centers has to be the worst of all time. I would definitely beat the crap out of those two, and they can’t do shit about it.

  6. mrgreasymoosetv

    I hit a house twice i only had a hockey mask on then I hit them again with a baby milo jacket an indian accent a sombrero and rapist glasses

  7. LindseysBackyardLive

    lol i saw the leaf blower online under 5 minute costumes…

  8. MissPopTart444

    OK the worst one I’ve seen…
    Scream in Jeans and AIR JORDANS!!!!

  9. amberlbrowning

    holy cow that is just awful!! world trade center!!!Sick ppl!

  10. karrotluv

    one guy in my school went as a leaf blower and one other one went as a toilet

  11. peaceorelse

    i was jackie o after the kennedy assassination last year. halloween is all about being scary and offensive! lighten up!

  12. spotman30

    I make sure all my costumes are cool I’m going as fatso from the cult classic B rated movie killer klowns from outer space from the 1980’s

  13. AlyssHeart319

    I think the “This IS my costume” t-shirt is probably the worst costume ever.

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