20 Responses to “Top 15 Dumb Batman & Robin Moments”


    Obviously the movie wasn’t good but I loved the costumes Ivy’s and Freezes where amazing Uma looked real hot in them loved the different colours they had. Feezes looked like a giant fridge or Freezer very cool design Patrick Stewart would’ve made a Way Better Freeze.Her hideout looked amazing the plants and vines and arrangements were great looking Bad movie but Great costume Background and colour

  2. SidJustice1

    @videozfann – It really did go to the toilet once the departure of Michael Keaton was eminent. Clooney must cringe everytime this is on television *lol*

  3. karenhidef

    I remember this movie coming on the TV one time, and I was like “cool: batman!”. But the 1st 5 minutes reminded me of a Taco Bell commercial. I turned to the news.

    That Joel guy really f’ed up that series.

  4. LatinoBadass

    man….who in the world would have thougt that Bane could eaven be a badass villan in a batman movie after watching this back then….The dark knigt rises for the win

  5. TheWilsonian92

    As a kid I thought this was cool. Now that I see the movie again I laughed pretty hard. But I still like the sound track. Go Goo Goo Dolls.

  6. kingofpointless

    Every scene in this movie is dumb, these 15 are the dumbest though

  7. firmingitup

    There was only one dumb moment in Batman and Robin. It started with the opening credits and ended with the closing credits.

  8. GlitchHauntersBR

    Thank god….no, thank NOLAN the dark knight got a reboot. Cause this shit is just humilliating to one of the gratest heros of all time.

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