25 Responses to “Vampire Halloween Makeup”

  1. MissSelair

    @simplycranky It’s the white face paint…wow can’t believe you couldn’t figure that one out.

  2. TheLizHaley

    You’re definitely my favorite to watch, and everyone needs to shut up about your skin. White face paint isn’t exactly “flattering”, I was in theater and it always made peoples skin look odd…ANYWAYS. You’re awesome, original in everything you do. And random, but how is Chicago? I know you moved closer to the city awhile ago, but it’s my dream city and it’d be nice to hear from someone closer to my age about what it’s like living there.

  3. iamjeffreestar

    @simplycranky Dude, she’s doing vampire makeup, not bridal.

  4. LittleEmoKiddXBiteMe

    I want to be annoying and say ‘Omfg your skin is soo dry! D:’ But yeah..I think it adds to the effect..You’re one of my favourite gurus :D

  5. hpaddict731

    OMG, I was cracking up too at the “I’m gonna eat chu you hoe!” HAH! You are the best guru ever! Your videos are awesome.

  6. ItsJustMeNaina

    @iwanted2c1video haha you changed it now so i dont remember what the old one looked like. but this is one also scary haha

  7. mehbuba321

    OMG!!! b4 the video started,,, I was shocked to see ur vampire pictures!! i mean u were luking sooo soooo soo pretty!!!!with that make up, lash and hair down! u have soo beautiful hair!!! but wen u started the video, ur hair was up so u were luking difrnt!:p i also luk rly dfrnt with hair up!! lol..!! :p girl!! u lukk rlyyyy rlyy pretyy with hair down and make up! omg! nice vid tho da skin luked lil dry:p

  8. laralemonade

    finally add some blood onto your lips… :D hahahah…
    ok seriously, what?


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