Fail Halloween 2010 Costume, Dress up your Kid as a Fail Whoopie Cushion. It’s Shown as a School Punishment by a teacher! Review by Mike Mozart the Toy Review Guru of “The Toy Channel” and the Fail Toy Reviewer on JeepersMedia Channel Iphone Cam Spy upload Sent from my iPhone

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    25 Responses to “Whoopie Cushion Costume for Kids! Halloween 2010 Win or Fail? By Mike Mozart @JeepersMedia”

    1. chocolate11pie

      @BearBoy121 *too

      Two: “There are two girls with one cup.”
      To: “I went to the supermarket and ate a grape in public.”
      Too: “I want to go to the supermarket too!
      “There are too many dicks in this video.”

    2. MiffyeHalak

      For me, it’s a win.
      I want one, even if I know it won’t fit at me.

    3. barfbrany

      win the teacher who does this as a punishment will get the metal of honor jk

    4. krakelak

      My History teacher wore a whoopie cushion costume to school. No joke.

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