14 Responses to “WICKED Costumes: Design/Build”

  1. erisedstraeh

    This is wonderful! I hope other characters costumes are looked at as well! Can’t wait to see more. :)

  2. vegishishkabab

    Can I have some more please?
    This was wonderful. I love costumes, theater and especially “Wicked”. This show and these costumes inspired me to register to a course about making theatre costumes, I hope to get in.

  3. broadwaybarb

    I went on this tour when I was in NY last year and LOVED it. The two guys who created the tour obviously love the show and it was so lovely to get a small glimpse of the behind the scenes.

  4. JustforThisMoment1

    <3 this video!!! i wanna see how they make Elphaba's clothes!!!!!!!!!

  5. jewelchic

    LOVE that you are making videos-Helloooooooo Sean and Anthony!!! xxxxxx

  6. LWitchy

    FABULOUS!!! Thank you for making and posting these! Great insight behind the scenes for us Wicked fans! Sharing will all my Wicked friends. BTW if you are taking requests, detailed videos on Elphaba’s 2nd act dress & Glinda’s bubble dress would be even more FABULOUS!! ;)

  7. soylakekagalindo

    Please show us the wigs!!!! please, this absolutly wonderful, I’m from Chile, so I didn’t have the chance to the show live and watch this is amazing. Thank you

  8. BrokenBulletteam

    This is my dream! To costume the amazing actors for their performance

  9. TheWickedCryAlone

    Kathy looks amazing as Morrible! She has a realy cutesy face. xD

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