10 Responses to “YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”

  1. rainbowdoom

    Jesus Christ some of these children must wear larger clothing sizes than I do :/

  2. LifeByTheFjord

    What really cool kids those two last fellas were. Love’em! Must be a really lovely family.

  3. BLinDaTbESt

    That last kid in the red pajamas was fucking beast. He is my idol.

  4. TheBobbsey

    i love the 2 at the end, at least they didnt throw themselves down and cry, ha ha the kid in the red pyjamas is in for a big future, no matter what it is. And his little brother when he said, ohhh you sneaky mom, was so cute.

  5. tatamilica

    can someone please tell me what the boy says at 3:09???
    i’ve asked once…nobody answers me! lol

  6. davalisk

    @tatamilica good for you now your probably going to have a belly ache.

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